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My name is Nina Brooks and I started this business because I am a keen animal lover with a wealth of experience gained by my own pets but also from years of caring for other peoples pets. 

My passion is animals and the outdoors and I have a love for walking, so dog walking for me is the perfect occupation.

For the last 25 years, I have owned and trained my own horses as well as caring for and helping many clients and their horses as well as dogs on a private yard. I no longer run the yard but it has given me extensive experience about animals.

We as a family have had our own cats, dogs and guinea pigs...

I have cared for many of my client's dogs for many years, and every dog staying with me is treated as part of my family, enjoying all the love cuddles and walks they would get in their own homes. 

For me, it’s a privilege to care for other peoples animals and an understanding of their needs is crucial to them having a calm and peaceful stay. 

Small Terrier
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